Oak Processionary Moth

**This organism is not known to be present in the United States but poses a threat.  The oak processionary moth (OPM) is a major defoliating pest across Europe. In high populations it is capable of defoliating trees across large areas—making trees more susceptible to other pests and diseases, and environmental stressors.

In addition to the environmental damage it causes, oak processionary moth causes health problems for people, pets and horses. 

OPM is native to southern Europe. It has been steadily expanding its range northward and is now present in nearly all European countries, as well as, parts of the Middle East including Israel, Lebanon and Jordan. It was introduced to the United Kingdom prior to 2006 and is believed to have come in on imported timber.


Think you've spotted this pest?

If you think you've found this pest in your landscape contact your local extension office to see about sending in a sample.
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